New year, new faces!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Butts-Mehre Expansion Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The dedication ceremony for the newly renovated and expanded Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall will take place tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. All SAAC members are invited to attend!

Friday, February 18, 2011

SAAC Meeting

The next SAAC meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 p.m. in the Coliseum Hospitality Room (behind the scoreboard).

Hornsby Howell Community Service Award

Applications are now being accepted for the Athletic Association Hornsby Howell Community Service Award. This award is presented annually to a student-athlete who unselfishly represents him/herself and the Athletic Association in community service activities. This award will be presented at the Student-Athlete Honors Banquet on Tuesday, April 19th.

Applications can be found at the Rankin Smith Center check-in desk and will be e-mailed to all student-athletes or click here to download the application.

Applications are due to Lesley Black by March 11, 2011.

Contact Lesley (542-9103) if you have any questions.

Bulldog Cup Trophy Design

Three options for a Bulldog Cup Trophy have been presented. You can click here to view the options. Each SAAC rep should work with his/her team to get one team vote. Please let Lesley Black know your team's decision. Below is a description of the 3 options.

  • Option 1

The first option is a large bulldog with some sort of square (possibly wooden) base. (The attached photos would not definitely be the dogs that are utilized…it’s just to give an idea.) The bulldog would have a collar with a tag with the name of the current team champion. When a new winning team is named, the tag will be adhered to the base.

  • Option 2

The trophy will have a spherical aspect to it, with each team having its own separate 'banner' in the trophy. The name of the team will be carved into the banners either at the top or the bottom. The banners will not be touching each other so there will be spaces in between each banner. Resting on top of all the banners will be a platform with a power G that can turn to face forward no matter what side of the trophy is facing forward. With each year a team wins, it will be written on their banner and will face forward until another wins it the next year.

  • Option 3

This trophy will have separate banners as well for each team, but instead of bowing in spherically, it will have a slight curvature outwards. Instead of a written heading on the banner however, each team will have its own figurine or symbol signifying that that is the banner for the team. These banners will still have a space in between each banner but will not come back together like option 2. Coming from the bottom of the base up through all of the banners but not touching, will be a post that has either a power G or a bulldog that can also rotate. Each winning team gets their year that they won written down on their banner.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SAAC Meeting Tonight

The SAAC meeting tonight will be held in the lower level of the Butts-Mehre Building at 7 pm. Please meet at the lower exterior door (adjacent to the staff parking lot) to gain entrance to the building.